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"Alt0id""Buckeye Stealth" TWC ROTM1320VR4's ROTM entry
1320vr4's November 2010 ROTM Submission1320vr4's sept 09 rotm submission1992 Dodge Stealth RT/TT
1993 3000gt VR41993 3000gt vr41994-1999 brakes on 1991-1993 car upgrade guide
1995 3000GT Spyder VR4 by 95Spyder1995 3000GT VR-4 Spyder
1999 3000GT VR-4
1st Gen Wiring Harness in a 2nd Gen Car2004formula
3000GT/Stealth/GTO Forums - 3sgto.org3S National Gathering3kgtSL91
3kgt ROTM feb 20083kgtcruiser rotm submission60k Tune Up
6G74 3.5L Engine Swap92RT-TT ROTM submissionABS
AEM Dual UEGO Wiring DiagramAEM Engine Management System (EMS) FAQAEM TruBoost - Guide to installing
AESAL "bboyalan" Sison IIIATX
AWSA Guide for connecting a 1G TT ECU to a 1G and 2G NA harness
AccelerometerActive Aero: Functionality?
Active ExhaustActive Exhaust Valve RepairAdjustable Cam Gears
Alternator Troubleshooting and ReplacementAntilock Brake System Disable
April 2007 ROTM entryApril 2008 ROTMApril 2009 ROTM
April 2010 ROTM
ArchangelcompAre 3000GT/Stealth's considered DSM's?
August 2007 ROTMAugust 2008 ROTMAugust 2009 ROTM
August 2010 ROTMAutocrossingAz1aN3000GT
BRG - The Blue Ridge GatheringBall Joints
Barometric Pressure SensorBillVR4 ROTM Entry
Black 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4Blackjdmpower's ROTM pageBlant's VR4
Boost4VR4's 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4Brake System UpgradesBrett's (vr4tune) 1997 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4
Bridge's SubBurning Oil
CAS, Crank and CAM Angle SensorsCD Changer
CV axleCd changer harnessCenter console
Change your output shaft without pulling the transmissionChester22 1992 Dodge Stealth ESChris Craig ROTM May 2007 Submission
Clutch Slave Cylinder ReplacementCommon Problems and Associated Repair CostsCompression
Coolant Temperature SensorCrank Angle SensorCreate An Article
DIY 4" EXHAUSTDOHCDashboard parts schematic
Deathsled's August 2008 ROTM submissionDeathsled's August 2008 ROTM submission?Deathsled's Submission
December 2007 - Furious GTO!December 2007 ROTMDecember 2008 ROTM
December 2008 ROTM Doug "whitedragon" JamesDecember 2009 ROTM
December 2010 - Ride of the Month SubmissionDecember 2010 ROTMDecember ROTM Submission
December ROTM entryDecember ROTM entry - AudibleSilenceDetailing your 3000GT or Stealth
Drag racingECI
ECSECS TroubleshootingECU ECS Climate Control Capacitor repairs
EManage UltimateETACSElectronic AC Display Fix
Emange Ultimate stage 1 tuningEngine DiagnosticEverything you need to know about your AWD drivetrain.
Exhaust Colors ExplainedExhaust System UpgradesExhaust systems
Explanation of dash lights.FAACFIAV
FearpbFebruary 2007 ROTM
February 2008 ROTMFebruary 2009 ROTMFebruary 2010 ROTM
Fix Your Frozen Door LocksForum Perks for Paid Members
Fuel System UpgradesFuel Tank Studs & AN Fuel Pump Assembly
Fuel injector % adjustment CalculationsGear Ratios
GearheadVr4Get ready for a novel, ROTM submissionGreg "DrGonzo3000 Dean - 91 Stealth R/T
Hans Ertl's "[email protected]" 91 3000GTHeadlight Cleaning for 94History of a 3S
Hotwire Radiator fans to turn on with the keyHow do I do a compression test?How do I get parts for my AWD Transmission?
How do I replace the power window motor?How to: Disable Factory Alarm
How to CORRECTLY tune your Apexi AVC-R Boost ControllerHow to Install an aftermarket ATX shift knob
How to Replace the Capacitors in a 1G ECU?How to adjust your emergency brakeHow to change the first gen fog lights
How to check your oil pressure senderHow to diagnose your AEM WB Gauge/Sensor comboHow to gut your precats
How to photograph carsHow to use a TT ECU in your TT ATXI'm having problems registering with the forum
I3igpete ModListIAC
IPDIdle Problems
Idle Speed AdjustmentImportant Transfer Case Lockup InformationInnovate LC1 Wideband Install
Intake Air Temperature SensorIntercoolers: stockJ&S Safeguard Installation
Jackie's 3000GT SL-TT
January 2007 ROTMJanuary 2008 ROTMJanuary 2009 ROTM
January 2010 ROTMJanuary 2011 ROTM
Japanese super car NA to Turbo ratiosJaredHolt
Jared HoltJba3 black95vr4 spyderJh
Joe Tiberi's 99 VR4John "Buckeye Stealth" Harbert
John Gibson's "Jerggy13" 92 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4Join 3000GT/Stealth International
Jon Beard's 3kGTJuly 2006 - Ride of the MonthJuly 2008 ROTM
July 2009 ROTMJuly 2010 - Ride Of The MonthJuly 2010 - Ride of the Month Submission
July 2010 ROTMJune 2008 ROTM
June 2009 ROTMJune 2010 ROTM
Keyless EntryL.E.D. Tail LightsLSD
Lazer's 2G Headlight Tutorial for Cleaning/Robo Lights/etc...Lifters
LinchpinJoe's 1999 VR4Listing of local 3/S chaptersLitljenarey
Low Oil Pressure Light Flickering At IdleMAFT - Pro Timing Monitor OptionMAFT PRO WIRING
MAF Translator Pro InstallationMK943000GT ROTM entryMK 94 3000GT's ROTM entry
MY923ksl ROTM entryMain PageMaintenance
March 2007 ROTMMarch 2008 ROTMMarch 2009 ROTM
March 2010 ROTMMarch ROTM - StealthII
Mass Air Flow Sensor
May 2008 - ROTM Submission Hieu "Az1aN3000GT" TranMay 2008 ROTMMay 2009 ROTM
May 2010 ROTMMcCrackenMembership Activation
Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth
Mitsubishi Engine codes, Decoder, 6g73, 6g74, 4G63...Mitsubishi GTOMitsubishi Starion
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About AWD SystemsMore Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor OilMy Ride
My SRS light is on, what does this mean?My brake light turns on when I give my car some hard acceleration
My submissionMywetdream ROTM Submission
New 3000gt VR4 buyer looking for track carNew Main Circuit
Niterydr's 1993 Dodge Stealth RT/TTNodoze79 August 2009 ROTM ArticleNovember 2006 - Ride of the Month
November 2007 ROTMNovember 2008 ROTMNovember 2009 ROTM
November 2010 ROTMNtcmpjg
OEM parts to Supplier parts Conversion ListOctober 2007 ROTMOctober 2008 ROTM
October 2009 ROTMOctober 2010 ROTM
October Ride of the month submissionOil Pump Shimming for Higher Pressure
One of my ridesOptions and option packagesOutput Shaft - Replacing
Overboosted's ROTM entryPaddle ShiftersPart Number List
Pezcore's 1997 3000GT VR4Pezcore's 3000GT VR4
Povlsen ROTM SubmissionPower Steering Pump Rebuild
Power Steering Rack Rebuild GuideProfessionally Detailing your 3/SProper O2 sensor operation
ROTM April 1999ROTM April 2000
ROTM April 2001ROTM April 2002ROTM April 2003
ROTM April 2006ROTM April 2007ROTM August 1999
ROTM August 2000ROTM August 2001ROTM August 2006
ROTM December 2000ROTM December 2001
ROTM December 2005ROTM December 2006ROTM February 2000
ROTM February 2001ROTM February 2002ROTM February 2005
ROTM February 2006ROTM January 2002ROTM January 2005
ROTM January 2006ROTM July 2001ROTM July 2006
ROTM July 2007ROTM June/July 1999ROTM June 2001
ROTM June 2004ROTM June 2006ROTM June 2007
ROTM June 2010ROTM March 2000ROTM March 2001
ROTM March 2002ROTM March 2003ROTM March 2005
ROTM March 2006ROTM May 1999ROTM May 2001
ROTM May 2004ROTM May 2006ROTM May 2007
ROTM November '10 John "Buckeye Stealth" HarbertROTM November 1999ROTM November 2001
ROTM November 2005ROTM November 2006ROTM October 1999
ROTM October 19999ROTM October 2001ROTM October 2005
ROTM October 2006ROTM RulesROTM September 1999
ROTM September 2001ROTM September 2005ROTM September 2006
ROTM SubmissionsROTM WinnersROTM example page
RTMAN619 1991 Dodge Stealth RT TTRemoval and Installing front VR4 Wheel HubsReplacing Clutch Master Cylinder
Ride of the MonthRide of the Month Submission
Road courseRotm200607SOHC
SRSSRS Light Off With Aftermarket Steering WheelSeats - Replace Leather Seat Covers
September 2007 ROTMSeptember 2008 ROTMSeptember 2009 ROTM
September 2010 ROTMSeptember ROTMShane's Silver 94 Stealth TT
Show Killer December 2007 ROTM Submission
Soclose3kgt's 92 VR4
Spark PlugsSpeedfreak LSD Insert Installation
Spyder Service ManualStaged Upgrades
Stealth Indy Pace carStealth Sail Panel and Glass Removal (rear quarter window)
Stealthy Wiper ModSteering wheelSteering wheel replacement while keeping horn and cruise control
Stop the beeping noise when your door is openStraman conversionsStruggly's December ROTM page
Sunroof and trim partsTPS Throttle Position Sensor AdjustmentTT4ME ROTM
TT EricTask List
Tazman's March 2007 ROTM entryThe East Coast GatheringThe History of 3SI
The Upper Midwest GatheringThorpedo22001's ROTM entryThrottleBody O-Ring Replacement
Throttle bodyTiresTman21901's 1997 3000GT SL
Torque Specs Getrag446/6speed/W6MG1Transfer Case ResealTransmission Rebuild 5-spd AWD Getrag
Trouble ShootingTrunk Release Solenoid InstallTurbo Swap Guide
Turbocharger Compressor ComparisonsTurbochargers: stockTurbosprentice rotm entry
Turbs3000Turbs3000 1991 VR-4VIN numbers
VR4Dani's 1992 3000GT VR-4Vacuum Reduction
Valve Stem Seals (VSS) ReplacementWalbro 416T E85 Fuel Pump InstallWarped Rotors
What are the suggested modifications for a non-turbo 3000GT/StealthWhat changed throughout the six years that the Stealth was produced?
What is the difference between a Stealth and a 3000GT?What is the difference between the Stealth Base/ES/RT/RTTT?What is the difference between the blue and black top DSM injectors?
Wheel FitmentWhere Can I find the Dodge Stealth/3000GT font?Where can I buy the Service/Owners Manuals?
Why does my Twin-Turbo sound like an owl when I accelerate?Wideband Oxygen Sensor Install
Will the Chip from Ebay really give me a 20Hp BoostWont Start,- Fuel system issueWootstapler's ROTM entry
Yama ROTM SubmissionYou know you're a 3/S owner if...Zero-X3 ROTM Submission
Zero-X3 ROTM entry