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About 8 p.m. Saturday night the 13th of November, I had a black Trans Am fly up behind me, he then changed 2 lanes of traffic and sped by(he must of had it floored because he really went fast!). I then saw the same guy drving erradically looking like he got cut off and had to correct his car from fish tailing. This happened in about a 30 second time span. Then I lost sight and went about driving home.

Then I saw all the brake lights. We pulled up to an unbeleivable sight! The Trans Am was wrecked on it's side resting against the HOV wall, it had a crunched(front and back) Honda Accord next to it(upright), and behind the TA was a small black car UPSIDE DOWN with a boy hanging out of the drivers window not moving(people were attending to him). As we passed the wreck I saw the boy whom was driving the TA crawling out of the passenger window...what he must have felt like, seeing he caused all of that(I would guess that he was the cause)! Then about 20 feet down from that wreck was another casualty, and Chevy van sitting on it's side. People were everywhere trying to help the injured...

An unbelievable site! Scary!


I'm donationg these stickers to fellow car enthusiasts. You tell me what you think is fair for the number you want. Once you decide, email me [email protected]
and I'll reply to you with my address and any other info you may need or want.

These stickers will be on a clear vinyl background. Each will be trimmed as close to the words as possible. I don't want any extraneous material on these either. They will be silk screened in white on a clear background. The original idea was to die cut, but they wanted to charge me $10 a piece for a die cut sticker! So guess what, we'll have to go with the clear vinyl.I also asked about the static cling, she(the printer) recommended NOT doing a static sticker for this treatment. You can trim them even more when you get yours if you'd like. I'll trim them as best as I can, I do it all day at work anyway, what's a few more!

I will continue to receive orders indefinently for individuals, clubs and organazations. Our cars will sport the sticker for others to see! Let's wear them with pride and know we might be saving someones child, brother, sister etc. Spread the word.

Thank You all. I'll get the stickers out next week, around the 8th or so.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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