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yellow powder in spark plug chamber?

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I just changed my plugs and in one the holes that the plug sits in...there was a whole bunch of yellow powder. Any clue what this is or what causes it?
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Do you use octane boosters? That could be the problem.
ya,just be glad it's not white:p
octane boost would make the plugs Rust color RED. I think he is refering to outside the chamber, in the hole the plu wire goes into ...Right?

Yep there's yellow powder that looks like sulphur in the hole that the plug goes down into. I dont run octane booster but I do run nothing but premium gas. and it's only in one of the cylinders....?

Also when I first start the car in the morning I get a nice plume of blue smoke, Bad rings? Valve seals? PCV? It's only when I first start it, not all the time
Blue smoke on startup? Most likely rings ... how many miles do you have? You can go for a while with dying rings ... but start saving up now. Taking that engine apart isn't cheap.
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