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Y Pipe Replacement

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I have a 92 3000GT VR-4 where the Y-Pipe has cracked and cannot be trusted much longer. Has anyone replace theirs and if so did you use and aftermarket [chrome/color] piece.

I have located one manufactured by GT-Pro but their price was over 300, and the original plastic is just $85.00. So, I need some imput...

Patrick Spann
email: [email protected]
Southern California
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DN Performance sells the y-pipe for a more reasonable price. Several people have it and like it. I am going to get it once I can get the money for it. Heres the link to the website.
yeah I think the one from DN is about $185 or so, that is the one i will probably get. Are you running stock boost? if you want to turn it up the stock y pipe is NOT reliable and will blow off, so i suggest getting an aftermarket y pipe anyways
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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