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Xr4ti Vs 88 Trans Am Lsi 350

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We have these street races in town every friday night at 12 at the same place. The native guy in this trans am in doing bunrouts and shit thnking his car is fast. He get out and comes over to me cause my car looks a bit fast or whatever, and ask to race me;) I am like sure. I think that he will kick my ass cause he has so much more power than my car. He has 295hp and I got 180hp. We line up and the sinal guy drops his hands really fast, so I start laying a big chewy, and the trans am get half a car on me right away:( once I shift into second I am nose to nose with him. At the the end of the 1/4 mile I was like 5 cars ahead. When we got back he congradulated me on how fast my car is:cool: and told me that he was not pushing his car. After he starts doing a 30 second burnout:eek: then leaves.


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Damn if i had a trans am and i lost to your car i would be pissed. I don't think he let you win, why would you let somebody win and humiliate yourself?? So what kind of car is that anyway, never even heard of it.
it is an Murkur xr4ti, it has sohc 2.3l turbo. They are German Fords and they used them as rally cars back in 88

here is a location of more pics you can look at
Looks a lot like the older model Mustangs. I dunno why he would let you win. And if he really was pushing, I don't see how 180 horses could take 295. :confused:
This guy was telling me that his car could do 0-60 in 6.8 seconds back in the day, and mine could do 0-60 in 7.2 back in the day. He also has 290000km on his car and it is an auto.

You don't mean LS1 do you? The came with at least 305 hp and ran 0-60 in mid-5s at worst. What year was the thing...

And isn't it spelled Merkur? I've seen one around town, heard a few good things about them as rally cars too. Guys, it's like Ford's German version of GM's UK Vauxhall or EU's Opel. If that makes sense...

BTW - is it at all related to the rally Escorts {sub-Cosworth editions}?
I believe this kill, good job.

I ran a 87 / 88 GTA Trans Am that had the 350 TPI in it with a 1996 / 1997 Dodge Intrepid ES with the 214 HP V6 and I could walk away from him. Not with authority, mind you, but good enough. And Intrepid ES's were / are upper 16 cars :eek: :eek:

The GTA's are / were heavy, and when you get one with miles on it, or its been abused, like anything else, they slowly start to die :( :( by loss of compression / worn out rings.
It is spelt Merkur

I am sure that it is realated to the escort cosworth because they made a version of my car called the RS COSWORTH 500 and it has the same engine as the escort cosworhs. The escort cosworth has a dohc 2L turbo awd, I think it might even be able to come close to the new wrx.
dam'n if i had a trans am and got beat by your car i'd be pissed storm tt what kind of remark is that? Unlike some other kills you have commented on,this is a real and legit kill. 88' the TransAm's 350 only made 230hp, so either the guy bullshittin' you or he was modded and was estimating his cumulative HP.
This guy just told me that he had 295hp and that sounds like it should me right because it has 8 cilenders and should have more than 220. 220 is week for a big engine like that I think !
a favorite mod for the merkur is an engine swap.....ive seen pics of 302's in a should check it out
This guy just told me that he had 295hp and that sounds like it should me right because it has 8 cilenders and should have more than 220. 220 is week for a big engine like that I think !
hehe... it was the 80's man, things basically sucked in general including the cars (barring a few small miracles ie: Buick GN, Turbo T/A, chrylser turbos:D ). if you think that's low for a V8 then take a look at the 5.0 mustangs of the 80's, 210hp. how about the 305ci V8 available in the TransAm's, the TBI only made 175hp. if we're really gonna talk about low HP V8's then i might as well mention my cadilac. it's a 1985 eldorado with a 250ci V8 pushing 135hp:rolleyes:. pretty sad eh?
Had an 87 GTA 350 TPI car went low 14's with a few mods.Sold that and bought my TTA and haven't looked back.Good kill XR4TI! What kind of boost are you running in your car?My TTA is 245hp stock,but with a good fuel pump,K&N,no cat,110gas, and 20psi it's more like 375hp.Is your car stock?My friend had one in the early 90's and it would fly.Also you have a major weight advantage over a T/A.Probably a 1000lbs.GTA weighed 3750lbs with me in it ,and a liitle over 3500lbs no driver.Not to sure of what yours weighs but almost sure it's around 2500-2800lb range.Not flaming but all this has to be thought about.Again great kill!WES
My is stock is 2900 lbs and with my subs and me and school books made it like 3200 lbs (subs wiegh a lot!!) Somehow my stock psi is max 15 but it is a lot colder out and I got a new mass flow oxy sensor and my boost went up to 18-19, oh yeah .... I also just took off the cat and put a high flow exaust on it.. that helps :) the exaust is 2.5" I am planing on putting an intercooler on it but I would need to find a cosworth grill.... or cut out holes in the hood:( which I do not really want to do. But the rest of the car is completly stock with some leeking front struts :( which makes the car seem like there is a tranpoline under it on the highway sometimes.:eek:
TURBOT/A1361 -

Nice 60' time . . . I dont think I've seen a low time like that by any one here with a AWD 3SI . . Nice job.
XR4TI said:
The escort cosworth has a dohc 2L turbo awd, I think it might even be able to come close to the new wrx.

HAHAHA - what are you high???? The Cosworth, like a WRX? HEHEHE :D

The Cosworth is easily as legendary, easily as much of an "ass-kicker," as the Evo or STi. It will rip an a-spec WRX a whole set of new ones.

What were the specs stock, 376 hp awd... :) They probably never sold them in the US due to their ability to asspack the so called special V8 SVT Cobra with its 2.0L L4.
Hehe that is funny stuff !!:D I did not realize that the escort was that fast... but arn't those ones the supped up ones... I thought they came with about 180-200 hp
Here it is[email protected][email protected]$Cosworth RSb.html
And don't believe's acceleration numbers, they put the VR4 down for 6+ to sixty, mid 14s to quarter... :rolleyes:

It was replaced as Ford's rally car by the even fucking cooler Cosworth Focus... HOLY Crap, the bastard makes 405 ft-lbs from 2L turbo![email protected][email protected]$Focus RS WRCa.html
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I would still take the escort over the focus any day but ... that focus makes my goods hurt!:p
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