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Some shmo with N20...
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Damn dudes....

I went down to the track a few days ago.

1995 Base Auto 3000GT

The only things i did before i left were flip the airbox upside down and take off the bottom of it (securedth filter) which actually felt like it gave the car a LIL kick and the engine really sounds like a beast at over 3.5 rpms or so. I also took out the spare tire and resonator... not that that matters much.

Anyway... first run (of two)... 16.08... i was just like WTF?

So i gave it another go... 16.18... and i was just like WTF OWIJROIJ WFOLDSF....

Disappointing day... I knew my car wasnt that fast but 16?? Comon...

What other times have all you n/a auto guys had at the track w/ or w/o mods?

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There are many variables that determine you quarter mile time.

Is your car in tune?
Tire condition
Track condition
Quality and type of gas
Altitude (air pressure)
Temperature outside
Temperature under the hood
Automatic or manual transmission
Skill of driver

And I’m sure others as well. The base 3000GT comes with 160 HP (I think) then the next step up would have 220 and the twin turbo has 300 or more depending on year. The 95 VR-4 hits the quarter in about 13.5 If you have a base model with half the HP of a VR-4 then 16.1 is respectable.

In any event, you now have a base on which to build your beast.

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Dude, I understand you completely. I went to the track thinking 13.5 for sure.


14.1 was the fastest run of the day. I later found out that the really fast TTs are the second gens after 1995. The ones that hit 13.5 are the second gens, NOT the first gens. I only had an Intake and BOV, so I was pretty much stock, and I was kinda dissapointed til I talked to some people on here and found out that the 14.1 wasn't too bad for a first time at the track.

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low 16's is quite respectable for Auto tranny.It's the tall gearing
ratio that hurts the time.The auto tranny is not designed for
drag racing.However,don't feel to bad.The tall gearing ratio
allow you to do roll acceleration much better than off the line

Cameron: 95 Base 3000 GT came with 222HP DOHC from the
factory.It's the 97+ model that get 161 SOHC engine.
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