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Hi all,
Like many car lovers in my age group (46y old now), the 3000GT VR4 was quite the head turner along with the 300ZXTT and MR2T,
so I'm taking a chance by posting here.

I know this might be a long shot, but I'm looking for a 1993 or 94 3000GT VR4 up in Quebec/Ontario Canada,
or anywhere in Canada or the US even (must be able to ship to QC).

  • Open to any color except blue.
  • Respectable kms
  • Can be in need of a repaint (peeling clear)
  • Interior can need TLC.
  • Runs decently (it would become a summer daily driver)
  • Aero and ECS can be disabled
  • Working 4WS
  • Stock or lightly modded.


mitsu lover
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Je suis a trois-rivieres et je restore des 3s a temps perdu, jai présentement une stealth noir 91 en stock avec un devant de 1999. Le moteur a été changé pour un 2g venant dune 94 et est rendu environ a 60 000km. laisse moi savoir si tu cherche toujours.
j'ai aussi la stealth de TT Eric a la maison, 600awhp a vendre.
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