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Would this work...

or how would this work rather?

heres what i want to do...i want to add a 5.6'' LCD and a dvd player to my stealth...i already figured out where to mount it now all i need to do is figurwe out how to wire it....this is what i was thinking

ok so i have no idea...but this is what i have

pioneer 4300 deck
2 mtx 10"s (custom inclosure)
kenwood 728 for subs and 748 for speakers
5.6'' LCD
mobile DVD player

what do i run to where so that i can watch "gone in 60 seconds" while driving around?

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your hu will need to have some sort of audio input, so the screen get the video and the hu get the audio from the dvd. i know that here in MD it is against the law to run video while moving, install shops are required to install an E-brake switch that disables the screen if it is down...but the shop i talked to said they would put in a hidden override switch for the sensor if i wanted

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