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Would this be a good Digital camera?

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Sharp VL-WD255U 2.5'' Viewscreen Digital Camcorder with Smart Media Slot with Built-in Digital Still Mode
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List Price: $849.99
Our Price: $449.99
You Save: $400.00 (47%)

Rebate: Your price is $349.99 after the manufacturer's mail-in rebate of $100.00.
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Product specs

Video format: MiniDV
Progressive scan CCD: No
Flying erase heads: No
Audio: PCM digital stereo
Maximum CCD resolution: 460,000 pixels
CCD size: Information unavailable
Eyepiece viewfinder: Yes, color
LCD screen size: 2.5 inches
LCD swivel: Yes
Aperture: Information unavailable
Filter diameter: Information unavailable
Optical zoom: 26x
Digital zoom: 720x
Lens construction: Information unavailable
Programmed exposure modes: 4-mode autoexposure modes
Autolight: No
Hot shoe for external light: Yes
Black and white: Information unavailable
Sepia: Information unavailable
Solarized: Information unavailable
Image stabilization: Yes
Infrared capability: No
Remote included: Yes
Digital camera capability: Yes
Included still memory: No
Preset titles: Information unavailable
Custom titling: Information unavailable
Programmed recording: 16:9 and 4-mode autoexposure
Fade options: Yes
Special effects: Information unavailable
Motion sensor: No
Audio sensor: No
Other special features: Manual focus and serial connection
IEEE 1394 output: Yes
Connections: IEEE 1394, component, serial
S-Video output: Information unavailable
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Included in box: Lithium-ion battery, remote control
Width: Information unavailable
Height: Information unavailable
Depth: Information unavailable
Weight: Information unavailable
Warranty labor: One year
Warranty parts: One year
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Not sure if this will help but the other day I saw one on QVC while flipping through channels. It was digital camera/video camera/web cam/(I forgot the other thing it did). It was $130. Capable of saving over 1,000 pics or 30 minutes of digital video with sound. It had a detachable flash and built in mic. 64 mb memory card I think it was.

Name: Delta SVGA

I've never heard of the company but it sounds like a good deal.
yeah but at what quality?

I have a webcam that is portable too, it can hold lots of pics and do a small video, but at very poor quality and it cost about 100$

I dont wanna buy another one, thats why I'm asking here
Yeah that one on TV really seems like a POS. Heres the deal, if you want the best quality in a digital camcorder and digital camera, buy them sepertley. I have alot of personal experiances with different cameras/camcorders. Sharp has always been known for low end electronics. The picture quality will be ok, but not that great. The CCD (Charged Coupled Device) is pretty good. I really like cannon digital camcorders. Like the ZR-20, or ZR-25MC. Sony has some good ones too. The Digital8 DCR-TRV330, 530 are good, but only offer still shots with a low resolution of 640x480, or only .31 megapixel. I'm pretty sure that if the sharp takes snap shots it will be the same low quality. The cannons have really nice lenses. The higher end Sony's like the DCR-TRV17, 20, 30 use the Carl Zeis lense. All the camcorders can be found for cheap online. As far as digital cameras go, Kodak makes a 3.1 megapixel for under $300 which is pretty nice. The quality will be soo much better then that of the Sharp. Most of camcorders use IEEE Firewire, but dont come with cables or the card. The Sonys use memory sticks, the cannon uses Multimedia cards. The Kodak hooks up via USB and uses compact flash cards or multimedia cards. Theres alot to talk about. If you have ne specific questions or something let me know, id be more then happy to help out.
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Ok. If you wanna shoot digital still images, buy a digital still image camera. If you wanna shoot video, but a video camera or digital video camera. But don't buy a digital video camera with the intention of taking a lot of digital still cameras expecting to get a great quality image. Yes, they'll capture pictures but they are not very high resolution and you don't get the camera controls like on a still camera.

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