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would anyone be interested in...

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a custom sub box that replaces the back seats?

its basically going to be a wall behind the front seats.

You could easily fit one 12" or maybe two 10's in the gap between the driver seat and the pass seat.

the boxes can be ported or whatever you want.

in my box where the gap is between the pass seat and drivers seat i'm going to cut out a rectangle and replace it with a thick piece of plexi-glass so you can see the subs in the back

the boxes would come carpeted and everything so you could just drop it right in.

I'll have pics tommorow when we get done.

BTW - It's going to look DAMN nice.
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i would not mind seeing a pic, i have a pg cyclone to go into my vr-4 but have firgured out a good way yet.

hell i may be able to fit to cyclones in that type of enclosure
id like to see a picture also
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