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Wiseco pistons

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Im confused. I have heard of guys on here getting the Wiseco pistons for their cars. I recently e-mailed Wiseco directly because im interested in getting a set of pistons and they said they don't make a shelf piston for my car. Which is a 91 Stealth Turbo. I am wondering how anyone on here might have got theirs- or if their is another brand of pistons that are about the same price range? Any help would be great = thanks
ps- email me if u could- its easier
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Some info below. Contact Trevor James (aka Trevor ?) for details.
are the wiesco pistons available with a .050 overbore? how much were your pistons jeff?
Contact Race Engineering for info on the Wiseco's:
I have complaints. 0.039" overbore.
hey trevor that doesnt quite make a 3.1l huh? whats the new compression?
I don't have a clue what the compression is. :p Hate to sound like I don't know what's in my car but...I don't know what's in my car. :D I know they're dished like the stockers.

Displacement with that overbore is 3026cc. 0.039" is the max overbore recommended in the Mitsu service manual.
thanks, hopefully I wont be looking into these but if there is piston damage I will have to rebuild... how do you like these pistons?
brainfood said:
how much were your pistons jeff?
My Venolia forged pistons (0.050" over) with pins were $750. Add $220 for moly rings.
How much was the overbore? and how much does it really help?
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