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I have a few problems with my 93 Stealth.
1) The nuetral Safety switch is shot. I can start it because I have a toggle switch going to the starter. I just cant figure out what to replace so that I dont have to hot wire it. The part that they list on several differnet sites is not the part because it looks like nothing that is sticking out of the tranny. There is one part I think is it but how do I get a replacement for it, if all they are ofering is something that dosent even look like anything on the tranny?

2) An even bigger problem is this, I let the car sit for 2 months. I went to start it and now it will not start I noticed that I cannot hear the fuel pump. I checked the pump it does work. There are no fuses for the pump either. What could be wrong with it as to make the pump not work? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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