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Will 17" Tubulares fit a TT? NEED ADVICE BAD!

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Im debating on whether or not to get the OZ tubulares, but if i go with 18's i have to buy 4 tires, rather than just 2. I need struts anyways, and i was either going to lower the car, or buy new wheels. What do you guys think?

I think.. if 17" fit my VR4 i'd go with them and save my self a few hundred bucks, but if they won't i'll have to buy $400 for wheels plus shipping, 4 tires, 2 struts, rather than 280 for wheels plus shipping 2 tires, and 2 struts. OR, i could just buy 2 tires, 4 struts/shocks and lowering springs?

I need advice very bad...
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I cant imagine why a 17" wheel wouldnt fit a 1st gen VR-4 where an 18" would, the first gen brakes were intended to fit in 17s. As long as the wheel offset is significantly less than the stock 46mm (30-40?)you should be pretty safe for the wheel fitting. Theres a link on the oz page that has all the offsets. $280 for a set of 17" OZ wheels is insanley cheap, might want to get em now
If it'll make you feel any better, I went ahead and took the plunge on the 17x9s. I can take pics once I put them on..
They will fit, I have them on my 91 TT. They did require slight grinding on the caliper but nothing you can't do with a dremel tool. I think I took off about .010". I took my calipers off to paint anyway so it was easy to grind. (you can do it while they are on the car) The interference might have been a result of casting tolerances so if you order wheels they may fit perfectly the first time. When I bolted on my wheels for the first time they rubbed, but you could spin the wheel all the way around, so it's only a tiny bit to take off.
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