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WHT gauges??

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lookin to buy white gauges but it looks like they sell for 90$$$...but i was wondering if there were for sale cheaper elsewhere? I know someone here had ones you could print but i dont have a good enough printer and was wondering then if someone good print them off and i would buy them and pay shipping....anyone wanna do that or atleast help me with finding some white gauges for a deal?? my email is [email protected]
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the ones you print out .. are bs ... You can get the deal on ebay 90 with shipping included ...

2 things

1) If you get the gauges you might as well get the good ones right away and get the ones for $90 (you will be doing hell of a work taking it apart)

2) If you plan to do it yourself think twice ... because it is a bigger pain in the ass then u think.
hey you shoulddo a search for clayperez he makes and sells the gauges for like $50 bucks i bought them and was very pleased good luck
unorthodox underdrive pulleys

how much did these cost you?
i don't know they were on the car when i bought it, but it's wrecked now and the insurance CO. has it
sorry to hear ... how did you wreck it???

Also you sellinga any mods from it?
i was coming home around dark and a car come into my lane and i swerved out of it's way and i lost control and slid off the road and when the tires hit dirt the car started to roll. yeah it really sucks. um i still have the K&N and the PIAA's w/ factory plugs but that is all i could get a hold of before insurance took the car. make me an offer if you'd like
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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