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Whos NOS 3000 GT on ebay?

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That's the one and only hollywood's setup :D I love the setup :cool:
ahh, i didn't know his car was black
omg that car is sooo nice
It says SL, yours is a base right?

Sabotage said:
ahh, i didn't know his car was black
He didn't know his car was a base either. :D :D lol jk
did you notice any performance gain when you bored the engine to 3.1 litres?
can you bore it to more than that?

I wouldnt bore it too far over, but a little bit wouldnt hurt.
Dont go too far or youll start to have cooling problems, remember our cars are reversed cooled so the block gets cooled after the heads.

And yes I noticed quite a bit of gain from my bore and the compression bump.
im guessing you run about 280hp without the nos?
I hope Im around there somewhere, I will find out ASAP. I am even thinking about a UDP, I have heard bad things about them but the basic concept is a good one. ;)
I tried with no luck, Ive had it on Ebay 3 times and it got up to $14,600 but my reserve was 15k. I have one more guy and a chick looking to give me $13,000 for it.

Im not to worried about selling it anymore, if it does it does.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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