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Who would be interested in this gauge pod?

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I have been working on this off an on for a while now. I will be made out of fiberglass and will simply replace the stock piece behind the steering wheel. The pod is not finished yet (still needs more sanding) so bear with me on the pics. If there is any interest I will make them for sale. How much would you all pay for something like this?


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huh? what is it
It is a gauge pod. It goes right behind the steering wheel. It replaces the plastic piece that is the top half of your steering column cover. It works with 2 1/8" Auto Meter gauges, but can be made to fit larger ones.
That's nice, I would sure be willing to spend a few bucks for something like that.
Ok, there's one for ya :)
I would be interested
Nice alternative to the A-pillar pod.
That's really great! Trick is I just ordered the Lotek gauge pod. I like this one too though. If I had a turbo, that's where I'd want my boost gauge, right where I could keep an eye on it :)

Nice work.

ya know, i was thinking that it really wouldn't be all that difficult to buy a sheet of 3k carbon fiber fabric, create a mold incorporating a gauge pod, and jus replacee the entire a pillar lining.
Thats pretty trick, does it cover any of the stock gauges? If not, that would be a killer place for a A/F meter. Please, follow through with this, and I think people would really pay good $ for it.
Great ideal. How much?
i'm very interested but before i consider buying one i would like to see pictures of it installed if possible. thanks
I also like this. What size gauge would it hold and how much will it cost? A pic installed with a gauge would work for me too :)
these people have really good deals on some 3kx3k carbon fiber. read the site and you'll understand the k ratings....
Finish it up, install it, and let us see. I think this is a pretty cool idea.
just gotta find the time, it'll be at least 2 or 3 weeks before i even order any. i'm a full time student and i work 35 hours a week, maintain a social life, do lots of homework including some side projects of my own, and pretend that i getmore than 3 hours of sleep a night.

honestly i'd like to replace the entire dash and all interior panels with carbon fiber panels instead, that'd look sweet, but be quite expensive. i'm going to start off by tyring to make replacement pieces for all the plastic bits on the doors and dash, just to learn techniques and the media.
I'll try to have some pics of it installed soon. I have just been sort of dragging my feet with this because I have soooooo many other projects going on right now.

I am using it for my 2 1/8" Auto Meter A/F gauge. It should be able to fit others that are slightly larger. There is enough play in the surround that it can be bored out a little more.

What would you all think of around $50 shipped?
I think that it is a bit high. You can get the two pods pillars for like under 30 easy. I realize that it isn't the same thing but how about something more like 40 shipped?
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