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Who here has tryed Motor City Online?!

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Dang i want that game, it look very nice :)

I signed up for beta testing but didn't get it :(

Anyone here play that can elaborate on the game play, point, realism, quality, fun factor and so forth?
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I played it. My friend is in the Beta testing I guess. It's a fun game....its pretty race for money and build up the car, or you can race for slips. Its all american muscle cars too which makes it pretty nice. I'm not gettting it simply because I know I wouldnt deicate enough time into it to get anywhere in the game.
I heard it's really boring. I think it looks awesome. I also heard that you have to pay like 10-20 dollars a month just to play online.
It is boring unless your really into it I think. If your into fake racing you dont want to do with your real car, or dont have the money to do with your real car, then this game is a good alternative. Got old quick for me though.
I was/am in the beta, although I haven't played it in a while. It's a pretty cool game but it gets boring after a while going around the same tracks over and over, plus it's great to upgrade your first cars but the new ones are VERY expensive and are really shitty when you first get them... Only reason to upgrade is just to have new looks and aerodynamics pretty much. :/

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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