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Who has total seal rings?

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Who has total seal rings? are they a bitch to get in right? I have heared horror stories about them but they are what ross recomends for my application? How hard are they to install correctly?
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There is a special "lube" that you are suppossed to use when using these rings.
Check out Jegs, they have it in there.
If the block is not honed properly for these you run the risk of them not seating.

Allright, I can post again>:)
Hey Bryan check your email we just sent we answered your question.:cool:
what is this special lube called?
Actually I used them when I did my rebuild... I have had no problems with them seating properly, and all I did was install them as directed and hone the cylinder with a Sears hone.
Have worked perfectly since the day I put them in...
Gene Crumpler
1992 Stealth ES
p.s. and they are really easy to install.
thanks that makes me feel better

It is called Quickseat Dry Film Powder.

Jegs part # 901-QS. $14.99 for 2 grams.
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