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White Smoke from the exhaust?

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Hey again everyone.

I just picked my car up from the paint shop .. and all I can say is "NICE"... car looks liek brand new again! *had the whole thing buffed* but i noticed something.... I've got some white smoke coming out my exhaust now.. major question here is.. Is it most likely just because my cars been sitting in there for a week? I've heard when you get whitesmoke its usualy turbo failure.. somone please tell me thats not true!

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I don't have a turbo, but I have had my car sit for a few days before and when i started it back up there was some smoke coming out. It went away after about 2 minutes though.

is it cool and damp outside?white smoke is usually moisture,if your car is fully warmed up and no other cars around are making the white smoke it could be a blown head gasket,look to see if any oil is in your anti freeze.
how old is your water pump?

My 60k tuneup replaced the water pump. Thereafter, the smoke (moderate thickness, white, usually at startup and takeoff)
it depends HOW MUCH white smoke. If its just a little bit it may just b condensation, If u have HUGE clouds coming out your exhaust then u have a serious problem, either coolant in the block or maybe turbo failure. & I mean HUGE clouds, also your car would be severely down on power
I also have some white smoke

coming out of exaust,
and I was wondering,
how would changeing the oil pump,
eliminate the white smoke out of exaust.

Jamb 53,
are you sure that would stop the white smoke,
especially since I've red here on the board,
that white smoke ,would usually be ,
the blown head gasket case!

Just curious!

92 ES
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Sounds like it's only condensation. If it was white smoke all the time you'd definatly feel lack of performance as countach said. Also your car would be missing when you get on it from the spark plugs getting drowned out.

I'm sure of two things. Mike from Altered Atmosphere said it's not uncommon to have bad water pumps cause light amounts of smoke from the exhaust in VR4s. When mine was changed (part of the recommended 60k service) at Altered Atmosphere, the pump was replaced and the smoke stopped.

Water pump - not oil pump.

Hope that helps you.
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