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Where to buy timing belt tensioning/torque tool? Cheapest.

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I need the timing belt tensioning tool. Where can I get this at for a decent price. The mitsu dealer wants way too much for it. if you have one you can sell me that would be cool too.
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Hehehe I have one in my tool box at work. They're made by OTC I know NAPA can get some tools from them, you might try there.
The tool is made by Miller Specialty Tools. I don't have the web address handy, i'm at work, but you can search for it. You can order it on their website CHEAP and it comes pretty quick. This is who makes the tools for the dealer anyway so it is the same tool.
I work at mitsu as a sevice tech and ALL our special tools are made by OTC....
Go to That's where I got mine.

Thanks for the link. I ordered it. It was only $25. its the $10 shipping that they screw you on. They could probably ship the stupid thing with two 1st class stamps and a regular envelope.
Mitsuparts direct wanted around $100 or something rediculous like that and the local dealer looked at me like I was nuts when I gave them the part number. I guess $35 total is a good price.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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