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Where to buy HKS or BORLA exhaust?

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I want to get a nice exhaust with dual tips instead of the quad. I have emailled dynamic racing a few times, but they obviously dont check it. Anyone know where to get good prices?

Would love to see pics if u have them of your setup!!

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I'm considering selling my HKS catback...sells for $800 or so, and it's in pristine shape.
Do u have pics of it? How long was it on, and why are u selling it! It seems u can buy one just about new for that I wrong? Dynamic has them for 7 hundred something!
I would like to see pics! I am interested!
I realize, I was simply saying it retails in that vein. I have a couple of pics of the exhaust on the car, not much help there...
If you want a bad ass custom exhaust check out the thread titled exactly that.

You'll be happy you did.
you have e-mailed me? realy? at [email protected]?
I'm considering going with another exhuast locally. My HKS catback is yours thereafter if you're interested. It's in perfect shape and looks badass.
Email me at [email protected] I would love to see some pics of it, and know how long u have had it. Thanks, and let me know....cost etc!
Matt I have emailed like 4 or 5 times...well the email link on the site. I never got any response.
very strange, well I will just reply on here:)

the borla is a very nice Exhaust, but it drowns in the car a bit. I like the ATR (have it on my 93, and 95) Nothing flows better than the ATR Downpipe/ Exhaust set-up. The only HKS Exhaust that flows good is the dragger, the others are 60mm piping (less than 2.5")

I hopeb this helps

I like how the tips look with the HKS. What are the prices?
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