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where is the AWD dyno for san diego?

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Lookinf for a AWD dyno in san diego, anyone know where? OK to drive uo to LA or elsewhere, no problem.

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wow I want to see your dyno numbers :D any track numbers?
Hey Dale,

How's it going, man? Good to see your car's running nice and strong. I really liked the camera on the rear of the car.

Someone posted something about an AWD dyno that opened not too long ago.. search for posts by MagnumForceGTO. I think Rich mentioned it somewhere...
If you find one let me know... next year when my car is all broken in I want to spin the rollers.
I have a pretty similar setup than yours.....

Last year;),except for the forged piston,alky kit,and the flywheel.I put 457awhp & 483awtq @21psi at AAM dynojet facility.Still tho i think i can still put more than that because at the time when i take a look at my A/F ratio from the wide band was 17.5:1....thats pretty rich.

I'm thinking of going back up there again soon to tuned the car with my new setup.I'm hopping to put close to 550awhp @21-22psi.Now since i have a built engine and port & polish heads i think that number is possible,i will be happy if its close to that.
Hey missile will you be squeezing to accomplish this?

Thats only turbo....with NOS i'm looking at 620-650awhp with a 100-120shot dual stages.But my big shot of NOS will have to wait until i get my hand on stand alone the mean time i'm only gona spray 50-60shot.
I am going with the mods in sig...
+ Flywheel/stage 3 clutch
+ Autronic Smc (in sig but woth mentioning twice)
+ 720's
+ Kenne bell boost a pump to make that supra pump flow enough
+ Alcohol
and with the cams and high rev springs I am hoping for 500 awhp not sure though... what do you think... I will be boosting around 21-22 psi
I'm don't know how big is your turbos....

I don't know if its in the same class as 357 or the 17G's.....But if it is,with cams and port and polish head that can be achive;)....i have no doubt if you can put more than that.

But the trick will come into play when you need to tuned it.Tunning our car will make a big different.Specially when you put a big injectors(720cc) it will make a big difference.

P.S- where did you get your ARP bolt?? are you talking about head bolts?? i thought they don't make it for our cars:confused:??
they are rod bolts.. havnt ordered them yet.. though I should dont know what I am waiting for... they are right around 17g's as far as flow... which I feel is plenty for our small engines... the greatest part is the lag free spool up which I am hoping will keep the power curve nice and flat and long :D the tuning should be easy since the autronic has an auto tune feature that is simply amazing for lack of a better term... hopefully it all works out by next year :D
Try AEBS on Miramar Rd. They have an AWD Dyno. Their number is 858 - 693 - 3200
How come Dale always make 1 post then disappears for months.... :confused: :D
Try MechTech in Escondido, they were talking about getting one last time I was there.

Else, UPRD now in their new location in Santa Ana.
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