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Where did the October ROTM go !

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Ok, I'll admit it. I blew it and failed on the October ROTM :(

But, I'm going to make October car the 3rd place winner from Septmber(2nd was me and I just can't do that).

I'll have the November poll posted this weekend. All October submissions will be used for the November poll.
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You deserve 2nd place :)

Are you saying that he's not good enough to be number one? :D
So who was it???
oooopsss. Forgot what I had posted. I mean he deserves Octoboers ROTM, since he was the 2nd place of September

Just go ahead and take the October ROTM.

I remember reading a thread on something about the September ROTM... saying how he stole like mad from the people on the board.. What was the end result of this?
Anyone is submitting their cars for November?

I'm using the October submissions for movember. I'll ask for December submission later this month.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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