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sunday was turning out to be one of my better days.. taking a quick vacation.. fixing the car.. seeing friends.. and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD another stealth.. 91-93TT.. it great.. red like mine.. had the letters painted black (considered doing it.. but now I'm definitely doing it.. looks really sharp.. maybe for those black cars doing red letters would be kool)

we were traveling in the same direction (he almost took the wrong off ramp though.. but started smiling when he took the one i was taking)... traveling down the highway.. moving in a semi-pack formation in the far left.. it was great a 3si pack moving down the highway..

the other stealth was falling back a bit and a talon decided to join the two of us.. woohoo its now a DSM pack instead of 3si.. the talon took the point.. i was in the middle.. talon was pulling away.. i started pressing down the accelerator and didn't get much response from my car.. the other stealth fell back but quick was catching up.. i tried to speed up but no go.. oh just wonderful.. clutch just died.. signaled left to get out of the way and threw the flashers for a bit.. then left signal.. did this till i got on the right shoulder...

i was just hoping the other stealth would pull over and help out.. but thinking back o it all i think he went past me before it throught the flashers on.. though when being led by a faster car and it suddenly slows and pulls of mysteriously, it probably means trouble.. oh well i'm alive and the car is being fited for a new clutch...

anyway I'm wonder if theres any sort of black manual for drivers that list commonly done things by drivers to communicate things.. like highbeam flashing for cops..?

if not well I've considered doing a web-page on things like this.. stuff that the manual and the driving schools don't teach.. some advanced idea on driving.. cop avoidance.. etc... just compiling it in one place to learn.. i have a small collection of ideas jotted down..

so who was that other stealth ??
91-93 red RT-TT... ontario plates.. i think 755 VFK(or something something K).. probably off mind is kinda fried right now... BTW your passenger side fog light is out..

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I don't know about you but getting CBs is what most of us in the States do it. This helped the pack of twenty or so caravan down to the East Coast Gathering at Ocean City, MD this year. Really great fun to ride and chat on the way down.
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