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What's your racing music?

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Im trying to find some more music to get the blood flowing come race time. I currently listen to:

Top Gun Soundtrack
Linkin Park
Days of Thunder Soundtrack

What do you listen to?
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I like most anything with a fast beat. It's hard to stay under 100MPH on the highway with that stuff going :)

Usually I like to listen to dance/techno style music.
I agree with the techno music... Especially if you've got subwoofers... man they just hit hard!
Rap...but good hard hitting rap and techno...i find alternative to not be the right kinda mood but linkin park is actually awesome for it
I second on the Top Gun Soundtrack, how about Queen - Another One Bites the Dust??
trance and shit like it.
Saliva has some sweet songs to race to. Click, click, boom! and Superstar are cool. Also, if you can find it, look for Gravity Kills Manipulated. It is a remix of their album with the song Guilty. Awesome!!!!
I'm for techno. More Specifically BT (Godspeed, Flaming June, Never Gonna Come Back Down). Although, some other stuff is good too. There's a song called Fire from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack which I like. Also, the cardigans. That's sounds wierd, but they produced an album called Gran Turismo (seem fitting?) that has one of the best racing songs there is (in my opinion). It's also the title music to Gran Turismo 2. Also, KMFDM, Dance Dance Revolution, and Sevendust. :)
I don't know, the sound of my exhaust gets me goin pretty good :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I like Techno, once again something with a fast beat. I wish they made an actually Gran Turismo CD. That would rip ass, it would make it feel even more like I'm in the game.

Oh, and some White Zombie
TenshiVR-4 said:
Also, KMFDM, Dance Dance Revolution, and Sevendust. :)
Hell yeahs on the DDR! I have all but 8 albums for the Dancemania collection, that shiz is hella kewl!
Nelly, #1 ...

some how when u @ the illigals drag racing ... those lyrics just seems appropriate
91vr4n00maxima- EXACTLY what I listen to. I don't know if you techno guys like trance too, I do- but if you do go download "Paul Okenfold(sp?)" the song "Voyage into Trance". That's ALL I race to. It's likea 75 minute song so you can listen to it for a while while your driving....
Get the soundtrack from the fast and the furious. Track number 5. This is the theme song from the movie. Also, Outkast: Bombs over Bagdad (excuse the spelling) and Gravity Kills: Sound track from Test Drive Offroad 1.
I usually listen to rap, but then again sevendust and disturbed get my blood pumpin. OH, i just d/l the "Voyage into Trance" by Paul Okenfold. Its pretty tight, any other tracks I should look for?? I thought you were joking when u said it was 75 minutes long but damn it is..sheeesh
I go for the sound of my exhaust, plus if anything odd is happening i wnat to be able to hear it!
ok ill be DLing that when i get home. 75 minutes long on a 56K modem....yay. i got my BT cd, and alot of stuff just thrown onto burnt CDs. theres a station here, wild 105, that plays all trance from 12-2 am on saturday nights. THATS when the good shit comes out.
An odd ball from my CD collection. VERY few people know of it.

Billy Idol, CyberPunk; Shock to the System.

If you've heard it, you know what I'm talking about.

If not, ask me nicely, and I may cut it as an MP3 for you.


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