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whats the deal with MPH unlimited downpipe?

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whats going on with this thing? anyone have it yet? gains?
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I didn't know you were still interested...

If you are still interested Someone needs to go down to get the Fed Spec DP fit in...And it will just take a week to ship it out...That what I've heard from Al...But I figure no one was really interested so I didn't bother going down there...Let me know How many of you guys are still interested...He said we need at least 10 orders to start the group buy...
iam interested, i think jagdstealth said he was gonna go down there, but that was a while ago, i dunno if he actually did, but iam interested.
yeah im interested but, not for 400 bucks. thats asinine. ek2 is makin them for like 250-300 depending..
i just want to know if anyone got this mod done and if so did it show any real gains?
I might be interested too...What is the difference in this over stock?
they say 25hp to the wheels with the cali one, but as far as i know no 3si member has this, and mph hasnt exactly been trying to sell it very well, and yea 400bux is bs, id rather have the fiberglass 99 bumper
i have a friend that just got a job at an exhaust place, he said the cost on making something like that is no more than $50, mebbie 20 for labor or something.
we should just all chip in and buy one then take it to an exaust place and have them replicate a bunch for us. for $400 it should be gold and make the car fly
I was going to head over there and have it fitted, until I rememebred to look under my car at my custom exhaust. I had a new cat put in while i had my exhaust done, of course the shop didnt bother to weld flanges on the end of the new cat, they simply cut off the original flange from the stock downpipe and welded up the cat :rolleyes: :mad: So if I ever want a downpipe I'll have to have one custom made and fitted. I think I'm going to spend $400 TOTAL and just get a complete new custom exhaust made, including a downpipe...
Any updates on the downpipe?? Is there a group buy set up anywhere....I would be interested
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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