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which car for track

  • Mazda RX7

    Votes: 17 27.4%
  • Mitsubishi 3000gt

    Votes: 11 17.7%
  • Lan Evo

    Votes: 20 32.3%
  • other

    Votes: 14 22.6%

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selling the 99
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Is this going to be a:

1.TRACK ONLY car, trailed to and driven on the track only

2.A track car, gutted, roll cage, safety equipment, still drive it to the track/registered and insured

3.A toy car, drive it on the weekend/when ever you feel like it, have it mainly for fun and to take to track days

4.A dual purpose car, your main mode of transportation, but picked because you can take it to a track and have fun with it.

Depending on your definition of "track car" I'd recommend different cars. For #1 and 2, find a race car that somebody is selling. 3 and 4, the EVO is a great choice, but a Miata might be better depending on your needs.

Miata's are so popular with track enthusiasts for a reason. Cheap, reliable and fun. And I'm not just talking about cheap to buy, they run small (cheap) tires and they are easy on them. If your just getting started I'd HIGHLY recommend a Miata, it's much easier to learn to drive a slow car fast. And when or if you decide to move on to a faster car, you can sell it for not a huge loss. If your getting a track car get something known for good handling, good handling cars are very fun to drive. If you can't stand the though of a Miata, BMW's 3 series or M3's are good as well.
This is going to start out as a #2 car for a year or so, until i can really grasp the car and get used to it. I prefer to have some experience with a car slowly building it up and improving myself with the car. I've seen guys go buy a car spend a ton of money to make it race-spec then wreck it because they couldn't control it. i will eventually turn it into a #1 when i feel i am capable of doing it. Miata is not a option due to the fact its a convertable, and the track i want to go to i heard does not allow "convertable with a hardtop"

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I wonder how many of the folks posting here actually have experience roadracing or are just regurgitating what they read on the net?

Anyway, if the track you're going to be running the car on doesn't allow convertibles (even if they have a full rollcage? Check into that. Practically all the tracks I'm aware of allow Miatas with full rollcages), then I'd go with the Evo.

Lots of folks like to talk about the RX-7's light weight and excellent weight distribution etc. Simple fact is, Evos are generally faster around a roadcourse. If you're going to be gutting an Evo, you can actually get them down. 2700lbs isn't too hard if the car is completely gutted and all non-track essentials removed. The 4G63 also has a wealth of proven aftermarket options for it and it's a stout engine when modded and taken care of properly.

Check out some of Mellon's threads on his Evo. A GT35R will provide a good powerband, and if you want to go crazy on the dragstrip as well, check out the AMS kit. They've had owners come in to have dual (triple) purpose cars, roadrace and dragstrip (plus street). The owner runs a GT35R for roadracing and street and swaps in a 42 for dragracing (with V-bands clamps he says it's a fairly easy swap).

Thing is, just stock, you can take the Evo out on the track with a fluid flush and some decent brake pads. Learn on it and then mod it bit by bit as you learn how each mod affects the car. Another key thing to note especially for roadracing; there are a LOT of top-level suspension options for Evos. WAY more than are easily available for 3/S's and even RX-7's.


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An E30 can be track prepped for around 10k including the car and there is a Spec E30 class.

The Evo would have been my choice but its not a very affordable one(hah, what IS affordable about road racing?)

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