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What times should i run with my mods?

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Its a 91 with the mods bellow. I am planning on replacing the BOV and loosing the bleeder setup for a MBC. After i do that what should i run on a 50 degree day?

Last time i ran like its set up as is, i ran 14.1 @ 95mph with 2.01 60' time. I know i need a little work on the launch but i fugured i'd be a little faster seeing that i had just cleaned the K&N, put in new plugs, wires, redline everything, and fuel filter.

I was a bit disappointed to say the least and i want to know what to expect when i go again next week.
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50deg day? Low 13s (13.2-13.5s)

Work on that 60ft. Knock .1s off of the 60ft and gain back .2s on your 1/4. :) Nice, huh?
i ran my bone stock 13.72 on a 75 degree night. it doesnt get much colder than that here.
TKarr ran a 13.1 when he had similar mods (didn't have any exhaust mods, but had a clutch, BOV, and ran 14.5 or 15 psi with a blitz DSBC).

i would guess a 13.2-13.4 just like others have predicted...
there is a coolant hose that runs hot water thru the intake to help warm the air going into the intake, for cold starts and so forth. I bypassed that. dont know if it helps but now my trottle body doesn't have 200 degree water flowing thru it :)

Ok I'll quit givin ya shit.

I get my rims tommorow and get to put on my new tires on say sun or mon.

Are you going this fri. or next fri.?
hehe, maybe we can get Brian to run with a new intake, if you're not going this weekend.

Still working on the flange for that BOV, man. I'll talk to a machine shop tomorrow. When were you planning on picking this stuff up? I really wanna get that MBC on there.
i may come and get it this weekend, but as for running, it will be next weekend probably. I may take off a friday and come up early and see if i can get jayson's heads, injectors, and other stuff on.

Lemme know what i need to do on that BOV and MBC Will

And Brian, i was nervous so BACK OFF! :)
All you need to do is come pick them up. I should definately have it all ready by next weekend for you to run.
:) you da man

*hangs his head down* *feels like he just lost a good friend*

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