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What math is this guy using?

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All he has is K&N, a CHROME exhasut, and a straight pipe. Is it me or do those three things NOR add up to 90 HP?
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"faster than VR4":p :p sure....if the VR4 is parked :D
It does not even have NOS...It is "NOS ready".

310 HP...Whatever.
K&N = 15HP
if its a K&N conical thats 25
Sticker that came with K&N for window =15 more HP
Exhaust = 30 HP
If its chrome then its 15 more hp

Its gotta be faster than a VR4... a VR4 that is running at 5 psi on 4 cyl. ;)
OH and then there is this

Black leather interior with folding rear seats, easily valued over 15k
THATS WHAT MAKES IT FASTER.. my leather is only valued at a few hundred... wonder what kinda cow that was?
Don't you love how on Ebay everyone is putting FAST AND THE FURIOUS on the title of there bid item on cars. Our cars weren't even in FAST AND THE FURIOUS!!
You gotta allow for the internet fudge factor.
Ok, would you EVER trust someone who puts "Mitsubishi 3000GT over 310 hp Fast and Furious" in their description title?

H&K FIPK? I had no idea the gun manufacturer made Filter Injection Performance Kits as well as MP5 Anti-Terrorist Assaut Rifles. He's in Clearwater so maybe Drew should drive over and kick his ass.
Its a good looking car, but someone with a VR-4 near Clearwater should teach this guy a lesson. I know that people strecth the truth to help sell items, but that is ridiculous:rolleyes:
Intake: 3hp
Exhaust: 10hp
Jet Chip: 20hp (thats what he claims)
Total: +33hp

222 + 33 = 255hp

Smoking VR-4's? only if he's got some bad piston rings ...

If y'all get ahold of him, let him know I'll run him. All I have is a K&N.
Smoking Vr4's More like Smokin da crack!! :D

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