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What is the porsche wheel bolt pattern

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Hey once again,

I asked this question long time ago, but nobody really replied to my question, so.

I am looking into buying those Mov'it break kits, and they say that it is possible to buy the kits without the rotor, and get the rotor from local Porsche dealer.. and it got me wondered. Is it the same bolt pattern? I probably have to change the wheels then? because of the change in the offset?

mmmmm.... now I got the money, but I don't want to risk...
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I heard the Bolt Pattern on the Porshes are different then any other car.

Our cars bolt pattern is : 5x114.3 thread: 12x1.5 Center: 67.1

I'm not sure about porches,
Thank you for your reply.

Well, I just checked with the Porsche dealer. They said they have 5x150, so I guess that is far different than ours.. what a hell is the Mov'it break guys talking about then... rip off. I hate that. that is so unprofessional.

well, I will not buy them, then..

Can I do to where the rotors mount and change the bolt pattern somehow?
maybe porche makes Rotors that fit our car.

Someone on the Starnet list, (and is probably a list member here to) has done this mod, he put big red Porshe caliper on his car. I'm pretty sure he changed the rotors too, althought I'm not sure what he did.

You can probably fit the caliper on our cars with a bit of mods that should not be too dificult, a bit of sawing and welding should do the trick, but for the rotors, if you can't find the right bolt pattern it's just not going to work, you would need to change your hub-bearing assembly with one that's compatible with porshes i'm sure you will not be able to find one. They must make rotors that will be compatible in size with the porshes brakes system.
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