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What is everyone running?

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What are you guys running in your cars
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Stock now =)

Ran about 50 different brands of gear in my old car, finally parting it out. Managed to have some of the world's finest stuff in there at one point.

Plans for the Stealth are to shock the 3si world.
also stock now, i have only had the vr-4 for a couple of months ;)

i plan on a system with pg zpa amps, cyclone, and some undecided front stage.

i only have a zpa0.3 and the cyclone right now. i have tossed around illusion, diamond (used their stuff before), focal for the front stage
Nice choices SQ. If you can track down the older Eton-era Diamond, that may be the series with which you're more familiar.

Hard to beat Focal for drop-in great sound. And I myself am considring Illusion, although the HLCD (horn) models.
the eton are the better diamonds (switched manufacturers or something??) from what i here, i had the newer versions which still i liked, but i had to give the titanium tweeters the boot, the silks were nice though.

it is interesting you should mention horns...i had been thinking about speaker placement the 3s/i cars i had not came up with good solution. i thought the kicks were to low in relationship to the center console, i did not want to give up the dead pedal (done this before and i hated it) and the dash mounting the tweets would leave to much space between the two compenents. but horns might be something to look into....have you investigated mounting room under the dash?

i really know very little on hlcd's and love to here your opinions on pro/con's of hlcd systems...

check my sig ;)
Horns could be absolutely the way to go in these cars. I more likely will be scrapping the factory dash and going for something entirely symmetrical --and of course removing that atrocious hump over the speedo/tach-- so I may not have to go that route. I used kicks and large midbasses in my previous car with good results, needed to scrap said dead pedal.

Correct, Etons are the better Diamonds.

Horns, pros: incredible dynamics, efficiency (needn't much power), airiness, sense of envelopment in the music, great imaging out of the box. I have hear some terffic horn cars, Mark Eldridge's 4 Runner being at the top of the list, but those are hardly off-the-shelf parts.
Pat Gates' Explorer used Illusion horns, and with the talents of my friend Chad Peterson came out wonderfully. There are many others...

Cons: take a whole lot of fanagling (but so does anything else I guess), can be a little too aggressive/metallic/nasal if done improperly, often need to be supplemented with too many extraneous drivers to complete the sonic spectrum. A horn/midbass/perhaps tweeter is a nice array, but when you need to add midranges and such, you're up to a 4 way system, and can render the horns superfluous.
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so you are going to put in the top of dash?

also, i have heard horns = that true?

Yes, you'll likely need an EQ for horns, though you should use one to extract the most from a component setup as well. need to compensate for car's acoustics...

I actually considered horns in the top of the dash, but more likely I'd put a comp set up there, maybe in custom pods. Still running through a lot of options, especially in terms of video/screens/processing.
sig... ;)
i have a cdx-c910(headunit not installed yet), focal utopia's in kickpanels running off a zapco c2k-3.0x, and for a sub right now i have a infinity basslink i'm going to replace that with a illusion audio nd series subs probably like 2 10s or 2 12's running of a c2k series zapco amp when i get the chance
I'm running all Nakamichi, with an MB-75 6-disc driving it.
I'm planning on putting a sinlge JL Audio 12W0 in the back,
but I still need to buy an amp, and design a good box. I think that's all the audio I'll need after I get that done.
pioneer premier x720 pushing a single eclipse alum 15"
I'm running two 2000 watt Rockford Fosgate RFR 3112 subs and an alpine 1500 watt MRV-1507 amp. Two 6x9 Diamond M3 subs in rear. Pioneer DEH-P730 Reciever with Organic EL. I'm selling the subs for 275 each plus shipping. They are listing at 500 each.
Link to pics in my Sig
Can't fit my stereo in my sig..... its an old one, puy it in wayyy back in 1995, but its still in top notch shape, check it out;


2 Image Dynamics Horn Dispersion Tweeters,
2 Rockford Fosgate Audiophile (RFA) 4" in kick panels,
2 RFA 6" Mid Base in Doors,
2 RFA 10" in trick custom pods where the 6X9's are in the back seats,
1 Rockfor Power Series Kevlar Cone 12" woofer in custom ported box in trunk molded to fit contours of the left side trunk area,
2 RFA 4" component set in rear trunk panels for rear fill.


1 Rockford 500Amp Monoblock,
2 Rockford Punch 60's
1 Rockford Punch 40
1 Rockford Punch 4080 4 Channel

Power Stabilisation

2 Jacobs Accuvolt Power Stabilisers
1 Rockford Cap.


1 Rockford EPX 2 with custom remote panel in Drivers side sunvisor (Allows separate selection of either headunit)


1 Alpine 7807 in Dash CD unit,
1 Alpine 7525 Casette player

2 Alpine CD Shuttles with total 12 disc capacity separately controlled by each head unit.

Only problem is it weighs a ton, I think the cabling alone pobably comes to 50 pounds....



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