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what horsepower should i have

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has anyone ever dyno tested a stock VR4 before

i have a 1992 Vr4 fully loaded, but all stock. anyway what i want to know is if anyone has ever dyno tested a stock vr4 before, and if so what horsepower readings they got. i took my car out the other day and used my G-TECH meter to get a horsepower reading and it peaked at 239 horse. i know that these cars are very powerful machines and make 300 horse at the crank. so if anyone has any info please feel free to spill your guts.

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D'oh! I used to know how much power loss there was to the wheels but I forgot. Oh well TTT
I would say that is correct...i walked away from a stock vr4 and I dynoed at [email protected]

edit :form a roll of course he kick my ass from a start.
I'm about 98% sure that it's a 15% loss to the wheels. It's on Jeffs site somewhere
I'm about 98% sure that it's a 15% loss to the wheels
with awd it's alot closer to about 22%-25%, so that g-tech reading is fairly close.
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