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What do you guys think of this?

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I am have alot of problems with my streo system righ now (the stock HU is not recieving FM, and my left front speaker is blown out) So I am going to get all new speakers and an amp and run the speakers through the am. I don't want a sub, I just want a full, rich sound. I am getting a Pioneer GM-x334 amp (35WX4 @ 2 OHMS) for $50 new and Pioneer 3-way 6.5" and Pioneer 4-way 6"X9" for the rear. I can install the speakers myself, but I am going to have someone elese install the amp.
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Dont waste the cash on the back 6 by 9's instead bridge the back channels and run a 10 or and 8 in the back. The back 6 by 9's wont make has much bass has your 6.5's in the front so are pretty much worthless. 6 by 9's can make a full sound in other cars but has far has in a 3s they are just wasted power and wasted space.

I would say just buy some Infinity or Polk componets and run even more power on your fronts. You could probably get a mid quality 10 for under 100 bucks and you would be much more happier.

Coax speakers have their uses but since we already ahve a spot for tweeters in our dashes and it is a pretty easy install why not just go that route.

BTW the 6 by 9's are a total PAIN IN THE ASS TO INSTALL .... just clip the wires and add a sub you will so much happer I PROMISE!
The 6x9s aren't too bad. Give an hour if you know what you are doing. But he is right about the 6x9s not giving bass. I have a pair of polk audio 6x9 and I have 45 watts going to both speakers, and they don't sound like they have anymore bass than my 6 1/4s. Even if you put like an 8 or a 10 back there, It will help out alot.
Yeah I have a 200 dollar pair of polk 6 by 9's in the back of my car and I think they are just a waste. not to mention I had to take off about 25 screws to get to them and it was like 115 degrees in my garage :(
6 X 9's

I have a pair of Pioneer 4 way 6 X 9's in the back and am running 50W per speaker. They totally ignore anthing resembling bass. And if I try and adjust the EQ to give them even just a little bit of bass, the cone starts slapping the back of the tweeters and it sounds like crap. If I had it to do over, I would invest in some quality midbass rounds to put in their place.
I dont really like pioneer speakers. I bought a brand new pair of their 15 inch home speakers once and took it to my house and turned up the bass and all I heard was clack clack. If you cant make a 15 that will handle 100 watts @ 8 ohms YOU SUCK!
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