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WAYYY OT: Golden Tee Golf anyone?

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Anyone here play (or hooked on) Golden Tee golf?

I'm not hooked but I play a bit... have played around 45 league games and probably 60 non-league games. Played one tourney game but only got a -3 so obviously didn't win any money.

But my best score is only -10 (once I had a -17 going into the 17th hole on Mystic Hills but ended up getting a 9 and a 10 on the last 2 holes!)

Does anyone have the "Gold Card" that you can swipe and it keeps your stats? If so post your number and we can compare stats (you can look them up online)!

Oh, last Friday I nearly broke my hand... playing at a local bar, the machine is up against the wall and I couldn't get a good whack at the tracball... bumped the wall as I "swung" and the base of my palm hit the edge of the machine SQUARE... my hand was purple all last weekend. Played for the first time again today and I'm still a bit sore from last week.

There's a guy locally who is always in the top 25 in the tournaments (gold division)... for $1 (and you pay his game) he'll take you thru the course and give you lessons, etc. For $5 he'll help you through a tourney game so you can hopefully win money. LOL
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