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wanted used vr-4 in ga or tn

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hey i am looking for a vr-4 in the vacinity of either ga, tn or sc. i am looking for a used but not abused car with less than 80kmiles. my max is 15 grand so please be reasonable.thanks
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Good luck man, I live near atlanta and i havent seen a vr4 for sale for a long time, the only one ive seen has been for sale in the paper for a long time and is a 95 vr-4 spyder and the guy is asking 30,000 for it.
buy my car

Buy my car:D :D :D
93' VR4

I have a 93' VR4, Dark Grey with Dark grey interior, excellent condition in and out, 5-spd, it just flipped to 80k, i am asking $12,500 if you are interested let me know
I have a 1992 3000 GT VR4 red with black leather under 92K miles just had oil pump, crank kit installed new timing and serpentine belts complete fluid change rear end, transmission, transaxle and engine are now all synthetic. New
clutch all with in the last 1K miles. Car runs like new $10,000.
I am in Maryland if you are interested send me an e-mail.
[email protected]


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I have a 91 Glacier Pearl White VR4. Mechanically Sound but cosmetically has a few minor blemishes (what else would you expect from a 91?), nothing major, just normal wear n' tear.

If interested, email me at [email protected]


I'm in Mississippi. I have a 1994 VR-4. It's red with black leather
and a 6sp trans. It is bone stock with 62k miles. My price is 15,500. I can e-mail you pics if you want just e-mail me back.
[email protected]
I have a 94 TT, pearl white w/ black leather, 72k miles, excellent condition with no mods. Already had 60k (timing belt). I'm asking $14,500. I live in Columbia, SC. Email me for pics at [email protected]
sorry i found my car... a 96 base amethyst pearl 3k
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