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WANTED: Stock Radio

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I need a stock HU for a 1994 3000GT (Currently Non-Infinity System) I need one with AM/FM, Casset and graphic equalizer and CD Changer Controls. If you know that the Infinty Headunit will work with out the AMP then I'll enter tain that offer.

Email me with offers

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still looking
I got one

I got one make me an offer.
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Does everything work? I just found out you can't run an Infinity HU w/o the Infinity Amp. If you have both then I will make you an offer.
AustinGT - If you find that the Infinity system won't work for you I have a stock head unit from my '94.
Let me know if you need it.
[email protected]
i have the headunit you are looking for and also the amp for sale...reply back at [email protected] if you are interested...both in excellent condition
I have both the head unit and amp for sale(infinity). Make me an offer [email protected]
i have a premium stock 95 stereo, 6 disc cd changer and amp all for sale individually or together. email me if your interested [email protected] or on AIM "wessidemike" I have pics if you want, just ask!
Sorry...but I posted thios last November...have gutted the entire stock system at this point, and have no need for the HU.
I'm parting out a 93 3000 GT SL. Know if it will help ?
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