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Wanted: BOV

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I'm looking for a good BOV, used or new. I don't want a stock one.

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how much are you willing to spend

I have an apex BOV with install kit amke me a reasonable offer
Depends if its used or new. The that means that's everything I need to swap BOV's? How about 180-200?

it is used but in great cond.

i had it on my car for maybe 4-6 months had to upgrade when i switched to a six speed if you would like pics/more info email me below and we can work something out
i have a greddy type S BOV for sale. used but not for very long, it's in great condition. it fits on my vr4 but not sure about the stealth because i have never seen under the hood of one.

17 eh? Hell yeah, you got a nice car for only 17!!! Guess I'm not the only one :) So how much are you looking at getting for this BOV? Is it in good shape? How loud is the S-type compared to the stock one. Email me at [email protected]

Thanks man!
For some reason my stock BOV was really loud, but the Type S is a bit louder. Has a different kind of sound too.

The stock one = PSHHHHH

Type S = PSHT whistle sound.
i've got an apex'i twin chamber bov. it has the adjustable ring to change the pitch of the sound. let me know if your interested. it does include the adapter too. it's in great shape and will include tubing. this bov also allows you to mkake two other adjustments to change the sound. let me know. [email protected]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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