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vr4 vrs dinan european M3 EVO

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I am from Honduras (central America) you can find here cars that can not go to the united states, so one friend of mine 1 month ago bought a m3 evolution 1996 it comes with 321 hp and i have a 1991 vr4 i havent done anything to my car and hes is modified by dinan so we closed a street and started racing here is called "pique" in first i went up him like 1 car of diference in second i had like 2 cars of diference but in third i noticed that he was approaching but only a little, i won the 1/4 mille but we continued always i was in front but his car has potential.
i will keep you noticed of another race maybe today we do another
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thats a pretty good kill. He's got about 20 horses on you and his car is newer. Good luck on your next race with him and keep it posted
Im not saying your lying but that story is hard to believe. The EVO E36 M3's had 321 horsepower driving the rear wheels in a lighter car than a VR-4. They made them from 94 on so itwas at least three years newer than your VR-4. Im not sure what the 1/4 mile times are for it but Im sure its very similair if not quicker than the new 2001 M3's, which I think are 13.3 seconds. A stock 1st gen VR-4 cant hit a 13.3. Unless the other driver just sucked I dont see how you would have won.
Notice how he got him by a couple cars at the beginning of the race? I'm guessing the guy isn't that great of a driver, and has succumb to the unstoppable vr-4 holeshot :D (j/k)

Also, I keep saying this about our cars. Besides HP there is also something called Torque and Gearing. You have to have them all or your not going to be very fast. For example, a Honda S2000 does at best a 14.0 with 240 horsepower. Compared to the Honda , the VR-4 should lose 9/10ths from weight and gain 6/10ths from power which is an overall loss of 3/10ths from the Hondas time which would make the first gen a 14.3 second 1/4, but it does a 13.8 which is about 1/2 second difference or another 50 horsepower. Thats assuming both cars have the same drivetrain loss which they don't. In reality, the Honda prob makes about the same at the wheels in terms of horsepower but weighs 1/2 ton less but we can still beat it.

Whats an m3 evo weigh?

Welcome Raptor.

Damn, Honduras, huh . . .

I would imagine that you give your cars suspension a good workout when you are dodging all of the events from rebel unrest :eek: :eek:

Good kill.

hello again i hope you read this, but i dont know if the guy that says that i am a liar knows that our cars in the start doesnt burn tires because is vr4 or alltrack and the m3 if you dont know how to start because of the impressive torque it has you can burn a lot of tires and that is the advantage you can take from a car of this calliber.
It makes me doubt if it is true that you own a vr4, and for your knowledge the m3 evo 1/4mille time is 14.0 and 0-60 in 5.5sec.
but what i can tell you is that if you had driven the m3 you have probably won.

Thank you to the other members for your welcome i am kind of shy in this things i only have 22 years old but i love the vr4.

And yes here in my country you can break the car because the streets are very ugly.

thank you and i will keep you noticed of another "pique"
Hey Raptor, congratulations, nice race!!!
we call piques to the 1/4 mile here too
some guys must have to know that ower cars are AWD so have better launch that the RWD.
also have to know that the best time of a VR4 is 13.0 you can find it somewhere between the post, cool man, mis mas sinceras felicitaciones, escribeme a mi correo si necesitas cualquier información sobre los 3000's
Hey man, helluva kill, I'm very impressed. Obviously this guy isn't lying. M3's are fast, but how many threads have we seen about people beating them readily in our vr-4s? I've driven both the old m3 and the new m3, both are fast, and very fun cars, but for a quarter mile race, the vr-4 will win, especially with a kick ass driver. I don't really know the specs on the EVO, but generally when people tune a BMW, they aren't exactly turning them into dragsters, they are beefing up the suspension. Don't quote me on that, but that tends to be the case as far as I've seen.

All in all, great kill man, welcome to the board!h
cental america 3000gt

WHere all the 13G equiped 3si labeled GTO? Or is it possible that in central america they carrie the eurospec 13G equiped cars?
First of all I didnt call you a liar I just said it sounds hard to believe. And no I dont have a VR-4, and I never said anywhere that I ever did. Like I said I dont know the times for an EVO M3, so anything is possible.

Whoever gave the times for the EVO M3 as 5.5 and 14.0, that is for a US Spec M3 with 240hp and a 5 speed. The EVO (european spec) has 80, read 80 more hp than the US and also has a 6 speed tranny. All of the stories you hear about beating M3's are talking about a US spec E36 M3, which the VR-4 will walk no problem.

Oh, and on top of that, you have a 1st Gen which as someone said gets 13.8 around usually, maybe 13.6 with optimal conditions and driver. And if the M3 was modded with Dinan, then it just seems less feasible. But hey, he could have been a shitty driver and no car could make up for it.
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