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VR4 clutch

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Hey guys. I test drove a 91 VR4, and i noticed the clutch was very stiff compared to the SL model and it released a lot slower. I was wondering if it's like this for all VR4's or just this one.
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Normal. It feels like you have to stand on it to make it work usually, if you're not used to it.

(or so I've heard. I'm used to mine now, so every other car I drive feels like I'm stepping on nothing, like all the clutch fluid is gone....)

Other's should be able to confirm this...

Thanks Elmo
it's ok

Yea, It is hard to push most of the time. Only once I had the feeling as I steped on nothing, it was when I chaged the clutch. ONe week passed, back to "normal" - hard to push.
Just got my clutch changed....NO PEDAL PRESSURE AT ALL!!!! I hate it and need the pressure back, are you sure the pressure comes back.....I hope so I hate this feeling....

If anyone reads this check out my post about clutch and engine problems....thanks guys
My clutch was soft

My clutch was pretty easy when it was stock, my 5'6" wife never complained. I thought it was easier than my Z28.

Now that I upgraded to ACT street clutch it is noticably stiffer but it still does not bother me or my wife.
I can see why

your wife wouldn't complain, but do you enjoy the clutch that much?
Stiffer = better

Now that I upgraded to ACT street clutch it i noticably stiffer but it still does not bother me or my wife.
I need to double check my posts better, I corrected the original post, I didn't know that it i could get any stiffer:D

John Monnin
Darn just when...

I was hoping that getting a new clutch could save me the cost and social embarassment of going down to the corner drug store to buy my Bod Dole Special Blend...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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