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Video inside - more info on my '96 R/T TT boost curve

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Couple new items (here's the last thread dealing with this subject):

1) Video as promised, 8.375 meg clip of my '96s boost characteristics (thanks Lawrence Wang for hosting video)

BTW - I have no ideo what the pinging noise is around 1,500 & 4,000 rpm in the third gear pull. Initially I thought it was knock but none of the other runs (~10 minutes of WOT accelerations) make this noise. Trevor, does this sound like the knocking you once experienced in your '96?

2) I need to back all the published numbers off by 1 psi, the VDO gage reads 1psig under no boost conditions (see pic), so my cars boost peaks at ~13 psi.

3) There are positively no leaks in my vacuum lines leading to or from the wastegate solenoid. However, I'm a little confused by the third check in the following diagnostic chart.

I don't get vacuum to bleed off at a warm idle unless I give the throttle a small blip. I have an extra wastegate solenoid but it's from a first gen car (my '92), can I swap this into my '96 just to check it out on this test? Jeff Lucius or anyone familiar with CAPS, is there a difference between the '92 & '96 wastegate solenoids (I'm not sure if they alone are responsible for the supposed 12psi vs 9psi change).

4) Lastly, the service manual gives no limit to how far our cars can boost under a spike condition but do state that all year cars ('91 - '99) should level out (stabilized) at between 2.9 - 8.7 psi (couple pages into section 11 of Service Manual). My car stabilizes at ~6.5 psi (7.5 psi before correcting the gage reading).

I still believe my car's boost characteristic is normal. My offer still stands, I'll video anyone's 1st or 2nd gen car (must be stock) boost curve if you are willing to come over to my place in Westland, MI. It only takes a minute to temporarily install the boost gage and take some video from the back seat.
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I was hoping for more of a response, but oh well.

After all this testing, I'm confident that my car is running like the day it left Japan (with less friction losses since it is now broken in) and my 13.08 & 13.12 runs are legit "Stock" quarter mile times.

I guess I know what side of the production variation curve my car falls on, I'm thankful, I really like my '96.

Hey Rob, I've actually been sick for the last week, so my voice sounds pretty weird. Or do you recognize Mike Mshar's voice (the guy with the 11 second Buick)? I thought it was funny when he complained about keeping the camera on the tach & boost gage from accelerating too hard.

Speaking of which, those Buick guys can't believe the amount of power our smaller engines can make on such low boost (as witnessed by 1/4 mile times). Our buddy Bob ran a 12.1 on only 14 psi with his GT 355 turbos (granted he ran a 1.63 60') and look at Trevor's 11.8 pass on pump gas.

i recognized your voice, good job makig this thread, looks like you spent some time making it, hope it was fun, how fast is redline in 3rd?
Hey Joe,

CAPS info for the "valve assy, emission solenoid". I know it sounds like wrong part but pic shows a solenoid connected to the wastegates by vac hoses.

9004.1-9205.3 production: MD147884
9206.1-9405.3 production: MB925904
9506.1-9512.1 production: MR224710
9512.2-9705.3 production: MR266838
9706.1-end production: MR323589

Who knows if the solenoid was actually different or functioned differently with 1993+ models?
That sound is close to what I get when running 17+psi in high gears. Only I just get a "click" every second or two, never a series in rapid succession like that. Sounds like a rock hitting the floorboard in my car. I think my problem is ignition...I need to spring for the Accel/MSD setup.

BTW, I love your avatar Rob! :cool:
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