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Veilside VR-4 and all others who put body kits on.

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Hey guys i have a few questions for ya.. I got rearended yesterday by an idiot driver who admitted 100% fault to the insurance and troopers. So now i need a new rear bumper and i figure i mine aswell get the entire kit or some nice body work done, at my expense of course, while the car is in the shop. My stereo is coming along awesome and some nice bodywork will go well.

IZ- Where did you get the Veilside kit from?? How long to get?? Any installation issues??

Anyone else with Bomex or Kaze body pieces please respond too. I already know to avoid Erebuni and it aint my cup of tea anyways.

Thanks guys- Chris
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I got my kit from the third coast, It took about a month to get it. Installation was a breeze it fits exactly like it should. The rear bumper is a racing bumper made to rip off if hit, so a slight mod is needed to attach it. but nothing major. The parts are very high quality, the best kit available for our cars :)
Thanks IZ.. Is your old rear bumper on the 96 coupe the same veilside bumper on the website??? Yours looks different.
VeilsideVR4 said:
The parts are very high quality, the best kit available for our cars :)
Just taking one look at your old coupe, and anyone would agree. BTW that was a fully functional hood bonnet wasn't it? Did you add that and the pins to the stock hood or was it replaced.
The rear bumper was the Veilside type 2 bumper, The scoop was fully functonal, the hood is carbon fiber, custom made at GTpro :)
Thanks IZ..I am probably gonna get the veilside type 2 bumper. Since the Veilside is more expensive for parts but easier to go on, it will probably be cheaper in the long run..
make sure you get a good bodyshop, the kit is all fiberglass, you dont want a hack shop to mess it up :)
hey Veilside, maybe you can answer this. You know how veilside sometimes replaces the cars stock badge with a Veilside emblem of their own? Like on the '99 3000GT type III kit, on the back where the Mitsu emblem would be, what the hell does that say? LVS overlapped or something? They had that on the front grille of a GS Lexus too.
its VLS isnt it? I wanted to get one for my coupe :D Maybe If I make a Veilside Spyder???:eek: ;)
I think he's confused on what it stands for and it stands for Veilside. "Thank you Captain Obvious."
It is a good fiberglass kit though right?? Do you think it would look odd with the stock 1st gen side skirts?? I love the vents in them, would like to keep them if i could..
its VERY good quality :) dont worry about that
How about how it would look with stock first gen sideskirts?? Would it come down too low in the back??? Sorry for all the questions.. Just trying to figure this out.
I like the veilside side skirts, I think they are the best looking ones :) but thats a matter of opinion
whitetiger7654 said:
I think he's confused on what it stands for and it stands for Veilside. "Thank you Captain Obvious."
Actually I didn't know what letters were there. And that was clearly stated in my post. BTW your avatar is still gay.
nope i dont think there are any vents..
nope no vents, <a href=>Some Veilside pics</a>
Oh well. Not like the original's were highly functional anyway. Just to let you know, every picture of the coupe from your webshots album is saved onto my hard drive Veilside. Did you have any engine shots?
thanks man :D Nope, never got any engine shots. It was a stock engine anyway, just had the K&N Aircharger, ATR downpipe and Borla exhaust. Ran a 12.99 on stock boost though :D
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