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v8 vr4!

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sorry there is not really a v8 vr4, but me and pokey went to speedworld in phx last night (saturday) and there was only one vr4. he had a few mods ( acr2, hks exhaust, hks evc IV, rps clutch) but anyway me a pokey went up to him kinda acting like we didn't have vr4s but we ask him what mods he has. he started naming them saying he had a unit that came off a cobra that made his car thinks its a v8! pokey was like is that a split second unit? he was shocked that he knew something about it. he said he had a rps clutch but didn't know what stage and said that it cost 690 bucks and thats all he knew. I just hope there isn't a lot of 3000gt owner that are this uneducated!
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I dont mean to be judgemental, BUT....

If i dont know, i dont lie. However, there is a place here in town that sells the ARC II. I bet that they told him that it will think its a V8. But, i nvr heard of such a thing.

What i didnt like was that he had a HUGE HUGE really big metal/aluminum adjustable wing, instead of the stock aero wing. He qualified with a mid 13 i believe.

There were a few all out race hondas. Couple of em were running real low 11's. One of em blew his own ass up when he hit the no2 outta the hole. Me thinks he won the 60' time. But, alas theres no trophy for that. :p

I cant wait til i get mine done.

Word has it that the Supra crowd WONT run there, its beneath them. So i guess i gotsda go to Firebird to run with em.

Prolly in 2 weeks.
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who on this board or anywhere would spend 1700 bucks(1000 arcII and rps clutch 690) on something that they didn't have the slightest clue as to what it was?
The MAF sensor that the ARCII uses is a Ford part that's normally used on V-8 Mustangs. Either someone told him that or he noticed the Ford logo on the box before he had it installed.
Right trevor. I believe it comes off the Cobra/Saleen. Btw. I know lotsa people on this board that would pay that much money for stuff, and NOT know what they bought. :rolleyes:
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