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UPDATE! Now '93 and '96 Stealth RT total partout! Low prices!!

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EDIT 8/15/2022 - Now parting TWO Stealth R/T non-turbo autos -- a '96 and a '93. I'll add pics of the '96 on page 7, as my pics are maxed out on this post. Sorry friends, I'm keeping the Super-Nanner...

I'm parting out a '93 RT (non-turbo) Auto. See pics for condition. Engine has issues. Small parts will ship USPS or UPS. Give me a few days to get stuff out to you. I'm a long-time member with a good reputation, but I do this "after-hours". Large parts will need to be pickup only near Dayton, Ohio. If you have a Grayhound terminal near you, I may be able to ship bumper covers and such that way.

Let me know what you need. Quickest way to get a response is post a reply in this thread. I check PMs periodically, but for some reason I no longer seem to get notifications. If there's something you need pics of, let me know. I'll be pricing these parts to move! Paypal is knooper -at-- mindspring ^dot^com

edit- When requesting prices, please tell me your location.

*** when sending PayPal payments, please include your 3Si screen name

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I’ll get it up in the air in the next few days and check condition.
Thank you!!
Somebody asked about an AT cooler line. Can’t find the original post right now. Sorry, mine is no good. But looks like you could make this pretty easily from sone brake line. I have another AT parts car coming in a couple weeks. Maybe that one will be better.
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Let me know on the next parts car!
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