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UPDATE! Now '93 and '96 Stealth RT total partout! Low prices!!

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EDIT 8/15/2022 - Now parting TWO Stealth R/T non-turbo autos -- a '96 and a '93. I'll add pics of the '96 on page 7, as my pics are maxed out on this post. Sorry friends, I'm keeping the Super-Nanner...

I'm parting out a '93 RT (non-turbo) Auto. See pics for condition. Engine has issues. Small parts will ship USPS or UPS. Give me a few days to get stuff out to you. I'm a long-time member with a good reputation, but I do this "after-hours". Large parts will need to be pickup only near Dayton, Ohio. If you have a Grayhound terminal near you, I may be able to ship bumper covers and such that way.

Let me know what you need. Quickest way to get a response is post a reply in this thread. I check PMs periodically, but for some reason I no longer seem to get notifications. If there's something you need pics of, let me know. I'll be pricing these parts to move! Paypal is knooper -at-- mindspring ^dot^com

edit- When requesting prices, please tell me your location.

*** when sending PayPal payments, please include your 3Si screen name

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ABS wheel speed sensors? I think they are the same on the turbo models.
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