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dont know

well. dont know if i really want to put that in my car, given that it is close to 100k now.

But if no one is willing to take it. i can offer you $80. sorry i dont have a whole lot of money right now. plus i am saving up to have my clutch done. damn thing is starting to slip.

Oh yeah you wont have to ship it either, i can pick it up from you.

Thank You

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Gto55104 said:
It has about 2k miles on it. It will come with the used belts.
I just ordered a 3sx Pulley so I wont be needing the UDP no more.

My car is a 95 Dohc so I dont think it'll fit 91's or sohc's.
It's still in my car which is no longer being driven until spring.
Asking for $120 obo.

Email me at [email protected]
Good choice going w/ the 3SX pulley :bigok:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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