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Type of paint for spark plug cover plate?

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Hey all, I just received my spark plug cover plate from ek2mfg. It's real nice, but I noticed alot of people have filled in the lettering with paint. What I was wondering is, what kind of paint should I use? And where can I get it?

I went to Wal-Mart last night and they did have High heat engine paint, but it only came in a spray can. I guess I could use that, but then I'd have to tape off all of the chrome around the lettering and that'd be a pain and I'm not quite sure how smooth the paint would look from a spray can.

Thanks guys.
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i used high temp engine paint, i covered the whole plate w/ masking tape and then i used a hobby knife and cut out the lettering and i sprayed a few coats on it

I sprayed mine with High engine paint. It was smooth. You are right though, it was a pain in the a$$ using masking tape.
I took the top of the spray can and sprayed a good amount into the lid. I then took a medicine dropper and filled the letters. It gives the letters a very deep look after the paint dries.

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The only draw back to high temp paint is that it doesn't have a high gloss. Check out the valve cover and spark plug plate I have on ebay:

That is powder coated, which is a baked on color and has leaves a nice high gloss finish. You may also want to work on that cover a bit if it was like the one I got there are a lot of machining swirl marks on it, just run your finger nail over it. I spend between 3-4 hours sanding and polishing to come up with a good finish.

Check ebay on Sunday when I put on one of the GTO plate I've reworked, I not going to spray anything on that one, so you'll be able to see the shine.
I was thinking of painting the entire plenum black, has anyone done this?
QuickVR4, damn that's a pretty engine bay. Where did you find all those red hoses? Or are they all custom? Where can I get them? Thanks.

Everyone else that has given suggestions, thanks again, and of course any other suggestions are apprecaitted.
Ryououki - Thanks for the compliment. I used RS Akimoto's universal hose kit. It is only $25 and it comes with a variety of hoses that you cut-to-length yourself. I think that the precut hosetechniques are a waste of money at $125. Just take one hose off at a time, measure, and replace with the Akimoto.

RS Akimoto Hose Kit
I was thinking of painting the entire plenum black, has anyone done this?
My cousin did. YellowES. They painted mine black too. Pic on my site.

Please excuse the engine bay. It is kinda dirty. Check out the Downy cap mod. :D

It is on this page.
Quick VR-4 said:
I used RS Akimoto's universal hose kit.
Thanks!! I am gonna order some right now!

What I did was, spray the entire top of the cover plate with paint and then I took varying grits of sand paper and emory cloth to wipe off all the paint except in the lettering. Using extra fine grit brought the cover plate to a nice shine. Easy and looks great.
Oh, in case you guys are interested here is a link to the polished GTO plate I put on ebay. It does have a mirror finish, you can get it, but it takes work.


Dave Best
I have one that I bought from Motorhead, another board member. I don't believe he makes them anymore. I ordered mine glass beaded which is easier to paint. I then sanded and polished the surface exclusive of the lettering.

I thoroughly masked it off and painted the letters with red high heat enamel. Indeed it looked okay but lacked a high gloss look. I then sprayed the whole thing with high heat clear enamel and this produced very nice high gloss results. It has a lot of color depth over the letters in particular.

It was a pain in the butt to do but it looks very good and has held up perfectly.

1994 VR4
where did every1 get these spark plug plates? For how much. do they make them for a stealth?
This is where I got mine:

Excellent work and service. I got mine with the STEALTH font.
I don't think he's selling them any more.

But give me until this next weekend; I think I have found someone who may want to make these for me. I think I can get them smoother on the top and in the letters, close to what Kevin used to make and even sell them for less.

I'll keep you guys posted,

Dave Best
Dave- call me

I've got some awesome 3SX Performance inserts in stock :) They are polished like a mirror- great for powdercoating the letters
3SX Performance

Is your new website up yet? If not, when will it be ready?

3SX Performance Website

It is almost ready. It is more than 3/4 of the way completed. Hope to launch with the initial offerings by the end of this week, and add on to it over time.
People who I have let preview it have given it thumbs up. I can't wait for it to go live ;)
Website address will be
and yes it will have pictures of our polished plenums, valve covers, and inserts with a lot more stuff.
black94tt, how much did that run ya?
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