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Two more on the list

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Wohoo! I was riding around in highpoint, and this Jetta pulls up and I rev at him for fun. Well he wants to go, so we go. I had him in 1-4th, and then I hear something, and He starts pulling on me. I thought he was spraying, but I still held him off until I had to turn around. I get back up beside him and he said he had turbo. I was proud that I held off a turbod car ;) NEXT on the list is these two guys in a silver prelude thinking they are the shit. They learned quickly that they had 3 assholes instead of 1, ripped 'em up. They got pissed off and turned off. Pretty satisfying night :)
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nice kills! :)
nice kills, and congrats on the turboed vw
I appreciate it ya'll. I didn't really know what to expect out of the Prelude, but it obviously wasn't much, lol
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