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I've always been under the impression that for every big single turbo you can buy, theres always going to be 2 smaller turbos that will spool faster and have the same top end..

but recently i was thinking, if 1 big turbo is being pushed by 6 exhaust outlets, wouldn't that have the same lag as 3 exhaust outlets pushing on a smaller turbo? I used to think a twin setup would spool faster, but it doesn't make sense..because your pushing a 1 big turbo, yes, but with twice the amount of exhaust lag would be equal to a twin setup with half the amount of exhaust force on each turbo. Does this make sense? If this is true, then what advantage does a twin setup have over a single?

Twins are more expensive, generate more heat, require more piping..etc So why stay with a twin setup? (I'm not trying to tell you, you shouldn't stay twin, i'm asking what the advantage of a twin setup is if your paying more cash.)

ooh boey. that got long:eek:
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