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Twin Turbo SL in the Making... Need Help

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Hey guys I recently got some advice and figured out that I'm gonna make my SL a Twin Turbo, after a long laundry list of parts I need I'm slowly buying them all. Now my problem is I'm still gonna have 10.1 compression and running stock 9b's with a Turbo ECU which I think will pump 12psi is gonna be WAY to much for my car to handle and break some shit. So How can I tone down the 9b's to run 5psi? Can a boost controller do this?

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if you don't connect the wastegates, they will only allow 6 psi i think.
Would 6 PSI be a safe level to run with a SL engine?
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don't disconnect the wastegates, that will give you absolutely zero control over boost. Unless you want to ship your car over here for a rebuild :).

you're gonna want a boost controller anyways, so just set it at like 6 psi and you'll be ok. I don't think the stock wastegates will really open much lower then that.
Check with Brian @ GTPRO. He converted my SL to a twin turbo with a 10:1 compression. He would know the limits of the engine/fuel system.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to drop a TT engine in?
TT engine... 3k. Parts to make mine a TT 1500. :) I think I'm good.
NeoValentine said:
TT engine... 3k. Parts to make mine a TT 1500. :) I think I'm good.
1500 with labor? Or are you doing the dirty work yourself :D
Hans, if I pick up the parts, how much to install them. Thus far, i have the ICs, and piping, Fuel pump and injectors.

For the rest, I guess I need a Boost controller, fuel controller, Turbos, Downpipe, manifolds, oil lines.... is that it?

JB is using the stock Manifold, and ECU and MAS. So I think it is safe for me to do that also
sounds like around 400-600 worth of work

we would need to dyno tune it, but if JB is using the stock stuff, then we should be able to do the same thing :).
I'll do it myself, I gotta learn how to some way. Actually a good friend of mine is a mechanic, he'll be helpin me and in exchage I'll give him my PS2. :)

Sweet! I will try to gather parts during the winter. I was planning on buying a Turbo Talon AWD(with the new Garett Hybrid Turbos that are out, they hit Easy 11s), but I might be axing that Idea. I am shifting between the two

Hmmm, if I buy a first Gen Turbo Talon, then I can afford to do both

Whats up with that Ron?? Im going to help you out too.

And no i wont sabatoge your car just so i can still be fater then you :D
If you want to you can help out, you can start by loaning me some cash.
I'll be moral support :) teehee
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