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turbo timers?

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whats the purpose of a turbo timer?
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the purpose is to let your turbo's "cool" after you remove your key,the engine still runs to let them cool then shuts down your engine after the right amount of cool down time,you can always use the "old fashioned way" and sit in your car and let the turbo's cool...thats what I do.......even though the girl friend gets annoyed when she is in a hurry:p
oh i see thanx
I have been told that on older model turbos (I have a 93' VR4) it is pointless to let the turbos spool down b/c they are "older." Is this true or should I still get a turbo timer for a 9 year old car? Obviously I need a timer for the new turbos going on, but what about my older ones? My car was abused before I got her, so I am almost positive the previous owner never let them cool down. Is it hopeless?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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